The Getaway

We have our house on the market. This all started when Pearl was with us. Our go to place when we have a showing is the library. Great idea, right? Close by, free, lots of fresh magazines to choose from, and of course, the books books books. (and computers) and books. Our library boasts cozy little reading areas throughout, we sit with our feet up on the ottoman reading. Just like home. Except there’s no TV. It works great for me, pretty OK for Ron and was sheer hell for Pearl. She was just not a reader. Let me put it this way: she liked the idea of reading- make that- looking like she’s reading. At home she could dine for days on one page from the Sunday paper.

Pearl: Charmin 7.88. Gosh, that’s high.

Ron: Yes, toilet paper is expensive. (subtext: so use less than a roll a day. Please. )

An hour later, Pearl: Maybelline, floor wax, Charmin, 7.88. Gosh, that’s high.

Back to the library.

Declining reading matter, she just sat. Looked around. Asked the occasional question.

Pearl: Where are we?

Us: the library



Librarian: Shhh!

Pearl: Why are we waiting?


Librarian: Shhh!

Pearl: Oh, that’s right. WHERE WILL WE LIVE?

Librarian: Shhh!!

Pearl: WHAT?

In honor of Library Week this post is dedicated to the Mid Continent Public Library, one of my favorite places in town. They keep the whole world in there. Visit often.



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