A Spoonful Of Medicine Or Sugar Or Something

 Note: This post was written in late 2013, a few weeks prior to Pearl’s passing

 It’s a curious thing to me, but Pearl loves to take her medicine. Remembering back to the days her husband, “Doc”, was alive, she would get an Rx and take one dose then Never touch it again. She had a side effect from EVERYTHING she tried. Usually it was stomach pain. Vitamins, pain meds, solutions, Senna (okay, that one I get) or whatever. Her counter held an assortment of medication bottles that she had tried one time with the same results.

Years after Doc passed away we were returning her home from picking up a new prescription and she stopped us going out the door. ”Where’s that paper that was stapled to the bag?”, she hollered from the kitchen.

“We tossed it,” we answered, coming back in to retrieve it for her. “Why do you need it?”

“I always read them first to find out what I’m going to get,” was her reason. Hmmm. Does the  term self fulfilling prophecy cross your mind?

Truthfully, she’s had no medications for years, except for an occasional ibuprofen for headache. I tell the doctor that’s probably the reason she is 99. (To any doctors who may be reading this: That was a joke.) (No it wasn’t)

Now however, she has a few meds for her ailments. Maybe she feels pampered, like when you are sick and a loved one brings you soup and aspirin.

I don’t know but to me, the most wonderful feeling, making you feel really cared for, is when you sneak a nap on the couch and someone puts a blanket on you instead of saying, ”What the heck are you doing sleeping!“

Back to Pearl though; she is very compliant and says thank you and swallows everything right down. And we are breathing a sigh of relief that it isn’t difficult. There is no such thing as a power struggle with a frail 99 year old. They’lll win every time. Just like babies, they are really the boss, and that’s OK.


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